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                     RotBTD {Autumn} Week'14 - Info


October 26th to November 1st


Day 1: Hoodie

Day 2: Long Walk

Day 3: Roast Chestnuts

Day 4: Movie Night

Day 5: Costumes

Day 6: Superstitions

Day 7: Sharing


Frozen Gif/Screencap Meme

        ➳ 10 Scenes ❄ Elsa Letting Go [2/10]

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Come on!

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figure skater! elsa *heart eyes*

i didnt draw elsa in the selfie drawing like originally planned so have this instead so i wont feel guitly also my first time drawing elsa and im not sure how i feel still need to get comfortable with it so forgive me 

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reblog if you’re a fantino of santino

I’d definitely consider myself a santino fantana

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And this war is not o v e r. (x)

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Family makes the home more than just a building. More than just those few walls. Home is people, not a place.

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I have no reasons - =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

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